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Controllers: Chip Level

Technical Specification

Part No. No. of axesMax. Output frequencyInterpolation operationPackage type
PCD4611A 1 2.4M pps 48-pin QFP
PCD4621A 2 2.4M pps 64-pin QFP
PCD4641A 4 2.4M pps 100-pin QFP
PCL6115 1 9.8M pps Linear, Continuous 80-pin QFP
PCL6125 2 9.8M pps Linear, Continuous 128-pin QFP
PCL6145 4 9.8M pps Linear, Continuous 176-pin QFP
PCL6025B 2 6.5M pps Linear, Circular, Continuous 128-pin QFP
PCL6045BL 4 6.5M pps Linear, Circular, Spiral/Helical, Continuous 176-pin QFP
PCL6046 4 6.5 M pps Linear, Circular, Spiral/Helical, Continuous 208-pin BGA